Big Bikes, Small Dicks

One of the most annoying thing I have encountered while driving is a group of smug motorcyclists, demanding the traffic to open up so they can parade their stupid insignias on their loud bikes.

I fucking hate them.

To be perfectly clear, I don’t hate motorcycles. I have one. I don’t hate decent motorcyclist driving politely minding their own business. In fact on of my obsession in life is backpack motorcycling the island of Java. Alone. Because that’s what real men do. Real men ride alone.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “power in numbers”. The whole sub-culture of motorcycle gangs (or clubs, whatever suits you) is based on this premise. Have you ever heard any news about a single motorcyclist doing any sort of crimes? It’s always in groups. Because groups mean power, and power gives them the courage to do what they would cowardly shy away from doing alone.

And the most coward motorcyclists of them all are the ones who hire police escort. Pathetic.

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