Liberal Man, Conservative Parent

Recently I read several people discussing on Twitter about, using the term used by one of the member of the discussion, early “indoctrination” of religion, i.e. is it acceptable to be teaching religious scriptures to children at early age. The discussion, to my perception, quickly dissolved into a conservative against liberal view of religion.

Well, I’m certainly wouldn’t be picked first if you’re wanting the most religious guy from my circle. I’m far from a zealous practitioner of my religion. Even my wife, who’s not by any measure is a conservative, thinks I’m pretty liberal.

As in any kind of topic, we need to make sure, at least,  we took a peek from every angles possible. We’re talking about children here, so make damn sure we also see it from parents’ perspective.

When you are a man living your own life, you like to be different. You like to go against the commonly accepted norm. You live on the edge of mainstream acceptance, deliberately doing exactly what the authorities tell you not to do. Conservatism is for pussies.

Eventually, we would become parents ourselves. And when that day come, you’d want conservatism to engulf your children’s environment. You may think that children should be given freedom on choosing their own view of theism. But what if that child is your adolescent daughter? You may think that, and I also believe that, we must respect a person’s sexual orientation, whatever that may be. But if it were your teenage son, you’ll damn sure will try to enforce a conservative choice.

We all had our shares of quarrels with the parents now and then. We all had that moment when we took paths not deemed as wise decisions by our parents. Nobody’s perfect, but I believe now I understand , all that parents ever wanted for their children was only good things. And there is a reason why older generation wants more conservative choices for their children.

So to answer the question of: is it right to “indoctrinate” religion to children at a very early stage? My answer is, I believe it is.

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