My Own Sonic Time Machine

Lately I was kinda bored with my playlists. So I decided to try something new, creating a playlist by cramming as many songs as possible with a similar theme into it, and the theme would be similar year of release.

I started with the year 1986. Why? Why the heck not… pfft..

it was a decade of real and great musicians

Soon after I listened to this 1986 collection of songs, I realized that my mind was taken into a different era. An era where big hair and neon jackets reigned supreme. It felt as if the calendar would transformed into a 1986 version, and that we’re still watching TVRI, traffic jam is the least of our problem, and that the USSR is still USA’s arch-enemy.

Needless to say, now I know what to do if I want to emulate past experiences in my head.

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