About “Autumn”

“Autumn” adalah lagu yang saya tulis pada tahun 2006, untuk indie album Reverbs and Revolvers, proyek musik pribadi saya yang dimulai sekitar tahun 2005. Dari total 13 lagu di album tersebut, lagu ini lah yang paling banyak disukai oleh teman-teman. Bisa dibilang ini adalah lagu yang paling “mellow” dari album saya tersebut. Perhaps I should write slower music from now on.. 😀


Sometimes I hear the night calling out your name
Sometimes the days feel like an endless autumn rain
Since you’re far away
Since you’ve gone away
Left me stranded here

I don’t mind if you’re far away, a thousand miles away
As long as I can hear your voice every now and then
Telling me you won’t be far
You will always safe
Here in my mind

Can I feel you, can I see you, like I used to
Can I hold you, and feel the rush inside my heart, when I’m lying next to you
‘Cause I am here
And I am still
Missing you

The distance you put between us
And all the time I needed to see you again
But you will fail
To make me forget about you
And to make this flame die


  1. Cakewalk Sonar (sequencer)
  2. Propellerhead Reason (synthesizer)
  3. Fender Stratocaster, hooked to a PC based sound effect module

Download the song or the whole album at Reverbs and Revolvers’ Last.fm page.

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