La tranquillite de cet endroit es ce qui me manquera le plus. Lorsque j’ouvre mon ordinateur portable, les mots semblent couler sans cesse, comme si l’air est rempli de lettres.

Mais ce ne sera pas la separation triste. Je peux toujours revenir a cet endroit dans les montagnes surplombant la magnifique ville.


Poking Both Sides

This post is not intended to attack certain views. This is merely an alternative approach to the theistic-creation or atheistic-evolution discourses. Do not continue reading if you failed to open your mind to other ideas.

Everytime I talk about evolution on Twitter, I seemed to struck the nerves of both atheists and creationists. The former because I believe that The Big Bang was planned by a divine force, the later because, well, the very word of “evolution”.

This morning I read an amazing news on how doctors at Johns Hopkins cured an infant infected with HIV. Then,-using the Monday morning traffic as scapegoat-, I started to rant about how some people didn’t give Darwin’s contribution to modern medical sciences a credit by still opposing to the theory ofevolution. Then as usual, I went on about the godly nature of the creation of the universe.

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