Father & Daughter

Beberapa hari ini ada begitu banyak artikel  mengenai hubungan antara bapak dan anak perempuannya. Mulai dari yang sangat tragis dan menyentuh, hingga artikel lucu mengenai menjadi seorang ayah dari seorang putri remaja. Semuanya menunjukkan betapa besar cinta seorang ayah pada anak perempuannya. Thus I made a collection of a few videos from YouTube that would show you this profound love of a father to his daughter. Men, watch and learn!

PS. get ready for some massive onion-cutting ninja attacks.

A daughter is a father’s jewel in life.

Her safety and well-being are of the utmost importance.

Apocalypse or not, your daughter is your world.

A father would give anything, even his own life, for his daughter.

He’d lie and sacrifice his own happiness.

A man would kill for the love of his life…

But most of all, a man would die for his daughter, without hesitation.


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