You Are What You Hate

A quick rant, okay guys. I know, this month is a holy month and one should keep their words clean. But let me get this out of my chest okay? Please…? Pretty please…?

The social media can surely brings out the best and the worst out of people. We see sanctimoniousness in those lines of updates every day. And more often than not, there’s a lingering irony. The nasty people are usually the ones who, in the past, condemned such nasty behaviors.

We see people who lamented about repression, some even admitted about being bullied in the past. Yet these very people also condoned aggressive acts of verbal assaults, inciting the hatred of the digital masses, and directed it at the people they don’t like. People who were simply misinformed. People who were of different perspectives.

We see educated people who condemned other people of being ignorant, stupid, and plain moronic. Of being “not using their heads when they talk”. But in the process, they do it in manners so rude, so foul mouthed, with uncalled for name-calling, that it left me puzzled & disgusted, who actually were the “uneducated” bad guys in that conflict.

We see people who talked about development, about restorations, about change. About making a stand in the face of corrupted systems. Yet they exhibited apathy and indifference in their participation. Wishful thinkers.

Wounds heal, scars remain. Let this be reminder to us all. Me included.

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. ~from “The Dark Knight”

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