August Short Stories Project

I have a life-long motto, a mantra if you will. For me, “to live is to create”. I have this inner urge to create something out of nothing. To manifest the psyche into the tangible.

That’s why all of my life I have been channelling my creative mojo into various aspects of art and scientific endeavor. I write poems and software. I write music and essays. I write critiques and commentaries.

I feel in the end, all of these products of an array of interests culminate into one goal. The one thing that I’ve never been and wanting to get myself into. I want to be a published fiction writer. To share my twisted mind with the masses.

And on the following month of August,- my birth month if I might add -, I’m taking a step closer toward this goal. I promised myself to write a minimum of 2 short stories per week. This is in conjuncture with my target in September, a 30,000 words story. Think of it as an exercise.

This is also why I’ve been writing blog articles all day during the last 31 days of July, in order to make writing a habit. To feel a “painful withdrawal symptoms” anytime I don’t write.

So on August, I’ll be filling my personal blog with various short stories. But I still might occasionally write on my professional and music blogs, if I could find the time.

To every aspiring writers out there, happy writing! 🙂

3 thoughts on “August Short Stories Project

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