Astrologically Incorrect

Me and my wife have been together for over 16 years, so it’s safe to say that I know her. I know how she is and I know how she would react to certain situations.

Yesterday on the 22nd of August I celebrated my birthday, and my wife the day before that, on the 21st of August. Our birth dates are only one day apart. Now according to astrology, this would make us both born under the sign of Leo. And this of course, would make us the same person, astrologically.

Well that’s not the case. We are practically different persons in so many ways. She is the Yin to my Yang. She is the cell receptor to my chemical activator. She is the lock to my key.

She’s the spontaneous one, to my calculating ways.

She’s the one tidying up the bed, and I’m the one who messed them up.

She’s the one saving all the money for our future, I burn them like there’s no tomorrow.

She hides between my arms during horror movies, while I asked her for tissues during the dramas.

She loves news on crime and serial killers, I search for the news of state of the world affair.

She’s the diligent and industrious one, while I slack all day.

She ‘s the prudent pessimist, while I’m the mad optimist.

She sweats over the small stuff , while I just don’t give a damn.

She hates small talks, while I thrive in the middle of the crowd.

She’s the idealist to my pragmatism.

She looks for solutions straight away while I ponder for the philosophical meanings first.

So, even though we’re both “Leo’s”, we are simply not the same. We are different persons in terms of character and traits. You know why? Because western astrology sucks? No, I think it’s because we have different eastern astrology signs. She was born in the year of the Horse, while I was born in the year of the Snake.

Haha.. just kidding. Go figure it out by yourself. 😀

3 thoughts on “Astrologically Incorrect

  1. Yes, the difference in years will make a big factor. But, also, you probably have different moons, Venus-es and Mars-es. I detect traces of earth and wind signs behind your Leo souls. You sound particularly “Gemini sloppy” or like a “Taurus gambler”, social and impulsive yet “calculating” as you said. While she is more Sagittarian(I know, fire) cynical, Virgo/Capricorn penny-pinching/tidy. More than meet’s the sun sign’s eye. And, yes, horse women are VERY industrious/active while the male snakes are more talk/charm and less action/hard work.

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