Quit Your Whining

This generation needs to step up their game. Taking the internet won’t cut it anymore. Take the streets, now. If the people are really behind you, they will surely come.

No need to argue on your fancy social media accounts. If you think you’re fighting a right cause, move your asses out there. Wasting time squabbling on the internet is only a sign that you are only half commited.

What’s that, you’re waiting for someone to make a move first? And here I am thinking that you want to be an agent of change.

If you want the respect of previous generations who went on the streets, who gave you the type of freedom you’re having right now, put your money where your mouth is. Quit your mouth from yapping around and start facing the army’s rifles.

Do you think you have what it takes? Do you?

If you and your movement were really able to occupy the house of representatives, you will definitely gain the respect you deserve. If not, just go back to your air conditioned cafes and quit your whining.

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