All I Want for Christmas

It’s that time of the year again. Several days before Christmas for several millions Christians, in the planet’s most populous Muslim country. No, I’m not talking about intimidation by the majority. God forbid. Neither am I talking about collaborative festive moments. We’re not there yet.

Many different people offered their perspectives. Many influential people joined the discussion. Some prominent Muslim figures also have something to say. I can’t really comprehend why, but they are entitled to their opinion.

Without dwelling much into an already inflamed debate; quarreling over who’s wrong or right; I’m just going to say this few words.

Muslims who want to congratulate their fellow citizen who celebrate Christmas: just do so.

Muslims who don’t: just keep in peace and silence.

We all must respect other people’s holy moments by not throwing disrespectful comments on this matter, nor engaged in a heated discourse.

Christians who’s going to celebrate the birth of Jesus, I don’t think Christmas’ moments would diminish in holiness if you don’t receive season’s greetings from people of other religions.

So if a fellow Muslim citizen congratulate you: reply in kind.

If they don’t: it wouldn’t really matter, would it?

So, all I want for Christmas this year is for people in this country to stop debating about this trivial issue. Do we really need to go through this every friggin’ year, over and over again?

With all that coming out of my chest, I wish all my Christian friends to have a merry Christmas. Joy to the world, for all mankind. Have a great holiday, with friends and family. Joyeux Noël!

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