Explaining Color To The Blind

One day, I received this intriguing question on Ask.fm: “How would you explain color to a blind man?”. If you don’t know what Ask.fm is, it’s a social media where people can ask other people questions. And people can do it anonymously too.

I began to ponder on the question, how do you explain color to a blind man? Color evokes different reactions to different people. I’ve read a lot of different answers from people on ask.fm on this question. And some of them are good. I also wanted to give my definition of colors.  I chose to explain it using music, a sensory experience that a blind person can relate to and something really close to my heart & mind.

These are the music I chose to explain colors to a blind person.

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My Top 20 Favorite TV Theme Songs

They don’t make TV theme songs like they used to these days. Back then, a TV theme song is an art in itself. A revered identity. Something we thoroughly enjoy before and after the show. Just by hearing these iconic theme songs you are taken into the scenes inside the show. A gateway into another world where you can escape to. Even only for 20 or 50 minutes.

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Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie

Je suis Charlie. Mais, je ne suis pas Charlie.

My condolences to all the victims’ families and friends. I condemn the attacks. Attacks carried out by savages who have no place in the civilized world. I condemn their cowardly act of terror and the taking of lives.

But irresponsible journalism is not freedom of speech. I will not deliberately hurt other people’s feeling by exploiting sensitive matters regarding their faiths and believes.

I don’t do stuff that would offend a lot people. Making fun of a very personal matter. Would I make fun of the genocides, of slavery, of rape? No.

I understand the importance of to be able to speak what is in your mind. But does liberty equal irresponsibility? Will we let bullies make fun of other religions, races, sexual orientations, to the extent of the vulgarity displayed in Charlie Habdo covers? If we attack other people just because they’re different, then how are we any different from extreme fundamentalists?

I sincerely hope I will never become on of them. The stupid assailants and the insensitive artists. Parce que, je ne suis pas Charlie.