Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie

Je suis Charlie. Mais, je ne suis pas Charlie.

My condolences to all the victims’ families and friends. I condemn the attacks. Attacks carried out by savages who have no place in the civilized world. I condemn their cowardly act of terror and the taking of lives.

But irresponsible journalism is not freedom of speech. I will not deliberately hurt other people’s feeling by exploiting sensitive matters regarding their faiths and believes.

I don’t do stuff that would offend a lot people. Making fun of a very personal matter. Would I make fun of the genocides, of slavery, of rape? No.

I understand the importance of to be able to speak what is in your mind. But does liberty equal irresponsibility? Will we let bullies make fun of other religions, races, sexual orientations, to the extent of the vulgarity displayed in Charlie Habdo covers? If we attack other people just because they’re different, then how are we any different from extreme fundamentalists?

I sincerely hope I will never become on of them. The stupid assailants and the insensitive artists. Parce que, je ne suis pas Charlie.

One thought on “Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie

  1. I understand that drawning the Prophet is offending but tells me What is most offending: Killing in the name of The Prophet or drawing a cartoon in which the Prophet says don’t kill in my name? Before criticizing analyze fairly the cartoons. None of the cartoons draw the Prophet in degrading ways.

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