My Top 20 Favorite TV Theme Songs

They don’t make TV theme songs like they used to these days. Back then, a TV theme song is an art in itself. A revered identity. Something we thoroughly enjoy before and after the show. Just by hearing these iconic theme songs you are taken into the scenes inside the show. A gateway into another world where you can escape to. Even only for 20 or 50 minutes.

In this article, I have compiled my Top 20 Favorite TV Theme Songs of all time. Spanning for two decades, from the 70’s to the 90’s. Some are my fond childhood memories, some are awesome theme songs I wacthed on reruns.

To narrow the selection, I’ve made two lists: theme songs with lyrics and instrumental theme songs. My favorite is actually the ones with lyrics. But some of the instrumentals are so iconic, I just can’t leave them. So here they are. Enjoy!


10. MacGyver
9. St.Elsewhere
8. CHiP’s
7. Hawaii Five-0
6. Airwolf
5. The Simpsons
4. Knight Rider
3. Mission Impossible
2. Taxi
1. Miami Vice

With Lyrics

10. Family Matters
9. The Jeffersons
8. Who’s The Boss
7. Full House
6. Cheers
5. Golden Girls

4. Family Ties

3. Moonlighting

2. The Heights

1. Growing Pains

Bonus: Acapella version

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