Hello there, surfers of the mighty electron! This blog contains my random musings, my incoherent rants, and sometimes just a piece of my mind.

Anyway, my name is Arie M. Prasetyo. I’m a citizen of the great nation of Indonesia, as most of you probably would’ve known. I was born in the year when David Bowie released the single Heroes and Fleetwood Mac released their masterpiece that would later became the best selling album of the 70’s. It was also the year when the best football club on Earth, for the first time, became the champions of Europe.

Born in the town of Cimahi of West Java, I grew up in a military complex. At the year of my birth, my father just got back from Egypt, serving as a Liaison Officer for the United Nations Emergency Forces, assigned in the Egypt – Israel border. And like all children in a military family, I moved a lot.

In 1984 our family moved to the city of Padang, just a one hour drive from my paternal ancestor’s home of Pariaman. Then in 1986 we moved again to Pematangsiantar, a town on the northeastern part of Sumatra. During this time living near to the Malacca Strait, I was exposed for the first time to Western culture,– its music, television, and movies. This was achieved by harnessing the waves of Malaysian television channels. Kids from my era know Indonesia only had one state-controlled TV channel back then. And it was boring. So I spent a bulk of my childhood years tuning in to our neighbours’ frequency.

One of my favourite TV shows in the 80’s

After four years, our family moved back to Java. My father, who was then a colonel, got stationed in the capital. But mom, me, and my one and only sister decided to move back to our old house in Cimahi, where I went to junior high. I spent my high school in the best high school in Bandung*, SMA 5. As an introvert (I really am), I mostly spent my time in the library and in music studios with my bandmates. Books, and music have been a big part of my life for as long as could remember (as well as television and video games). I still have vivid recollections of the moments I heard a particular music or band. It was also in my high school library that I first met the love of my life, the woman of my world, the mother of my children.

A song I wrote for my high school band

Then I spent the next few years learning how to mix chemicals into medicines. It was in a (used to be) desolate small town called Jatinangor, maybe you’ve heard of it. I met some of my best friends here. In 1999, two life changing moments happened in my life. The invitation to a United Nation youth event in Vienna because of my science papers and the birth of my son.

My heart apparently wasn’t in the pharmaceutical industry, so I stored my diploma in the closet, and pursued a whole different path. I became a slave to the computer code, up to this day. I have my share of various technologies over the years, but now I’m satisfied using JavaScript as my main weapon in my development arsenal. During the past 15 years I’ve worked as a programmer in small software house, schools, digital advertising agency, as a freelancer, game development agency, in my own company (that failed), in a startup (that’s still running), to an international million dollars company.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 12.49.50 pm.png

The best music streaming site in the country!

My beautiful and brilliant wife works as a university lecturer. In 2008, she started her Master’s degree not long after giving birth to our gorgeous daughter. Let me tell you, folks, my wife, she is one tough cookie. In late 2015, she moved to Australia for her PhD. All by herself. Only a year later, me and my daughter also moved to Australia (my son is entering university as an electrical engineering student, so he stayed back home).

Now I live in the wonderful & scenic city by the Swan River, still selling my trade as code weaver, while also working on my first novel. That’s a brief summary of my life. I suppose that’s a good content for an “About” page, right?


*it’s not 3, it’s not 8, and it’s certainly not 2

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